You are a DIYer and want to build your own tiny house but are not sure about the basic construction and trailer?
Let us take care of it for you!

We provide two tiny houses shell options adapted to your needs.
Basic Shells cover all basic construction steps. You can then finish on your own the inside and utilities of your tiny house according to your preferences.
Advanced Shells include all the Basic Shell features plus electric and plumbing utilities. You are then free to customized the inside of your tiny house as you wish.

Our Shell options are available in four different standard lengths: 4m88, 6m10, 7m32 and 8m54. If you want another size for your shell, just let us know...

Basic Shell

From 6.800.000 CLP
Trailer (brakes included)
Wall Framing & Sheating
Roof Framing & Sheating
Divider wall framing (if any)
Loft Framing & Sheating (if any)
House Wrap & Insulation
Standard Roofing Option
PVC Tubes for Electric Connections

Advanced Shell

From 11.800.000 CLP
Everything included in Basic Shell Option +
Electrical Connections
Plumbing Connections
Doors & Windows (if desired)
Gas Connections (if any)
Green Solutions (if any)

Have a look at our Building Process

  • STEP 1

    Quotation Form

    Fill out our quotation form to provide all necessary information about your desired shell option

  • Quote Reception and Decision Making

    We will send you the quote with features and prices and will let you the time to give it a close look

    STEP 2
  • STEP 3

    Kick-Off Meeting + First Payment

    In case you agree with the quote and are willing to take the big step of building a tiny shell with us, we'll organize a meeting with our architect in our office or by phone to clarify every details. At this stage, we will sign the contract and ask for the 50% of total price.

  • Building Process

    Nothing to do on your side! We will be building your tiny shell during around 3 months depending on the model. You are always more than welcome if you want to have a look at the process and make any comment.

    STEP 4
  • STEP 5

    Building Inspection and Second Payment

    We will let you know as soon as your tiny house is ready! At this point, we will be checking the house around together and make sure it reaches your expectations. Second payment of 25% of total price will be charged at this step.

  • Professional Pictures

    We offer you a 30-minutes session with a professional photographer to make sure you'll have memories pictures of this important moment of your live.

    STEP 6
  • STEP 7

    Delivery Process and Third Payment

    The big day has come! We will deliver your tiny house wherever we agreed on in the initial contract. Third payment of 25% of total price will be charged at this final step.

  • Get the adventure started!

    Enjoy your new Adventure and your new Life!

    STEP 8

Ready For the Adventure?

Get a quote and start dreaming today